Free-to-play racing driver Forza Street is now available on Windows 10 and also available on the phone

Microsoft’s exclusive Forza racing series has met with great success every year between racetrack-based motorsport and open-world Horizon missions. Now the publisher is ready to bring the Forza Street brand, available today, into the free-to-play arena (April 16) on Windows 10. It will reach iOS and Android devices later in the year. Although Forza Street was announced today by Turn 10 Studios, the game is actually a renaming of the existing title Miami Street, which was released nearly a year ago by Microsoft and has now been significantly updated to include an updated version of the updated auto parts boot-ups , new animations, languages ​​and audio polishing. Unlike previous Forza titles, Forza Street does not require you to drive your car to victory. Instead, the game is based on timing and requires clicking the left mouse button or pressing the space bar to speed up, and slowing down the corners.


Boosts can be earned depending on how well you keep your gas press in time, and winning races brings you a steady stream of credits and auto unlocks. Of course, as an F2P title, there are also microtransactions if you can not wait to unlock your dream car.Although the gameplay mechanics are incredibly simple, it has to be said that the snappy gameplay of Forza Street is quite addictive, making it ideal for mobile gaming. You can now purchase Forza Street from the Microsoft Store.

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